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2009-07-24 04:08:40 by PIgboss

English just isn't my first language. My grammar fails.

I've been working on the next episode while trying to make it not-full-of-cliche.
ya, very busy planning. This time I asked a few of my friends to correct my grammar before publishing the next episode. Hopefully it would'nt be bombarded like episode 2.

My brother recently found a comic we drew together a few years ago, to my surprise, it actually has a plot. The story was well developed and the characters were original and sophisticated.
I must be smart a few years ago. I've been downgrading.

Anyhow, I'm going to try to include some of the characters from my comic.
I will spend about 12 hours in total this time on episode 3.
Episode 1 took me 4 hours
Episode 2 took me 8 horus is a great site for noob animators like me.